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Across all the brands that comprise Altima Healthcare, one thing is common: we strongly believe in giving back to our local and global communities.  We take immense pride and satisfaction in assisting Canadians in a health-related capacity, and improving the quality of life for people in need. It’s why we dedicated our lives to healthcare in the first place.  By helping one patient at a time, our aim is to make a distinct and positive impact on the world.

Altima Healthcare Canada supports a wide variety of charitable causes and community events across Canada and globally. Since 1981, the clinics in the Altima Healthcare network across Ontario and Alberta have made a commitment to help make the communities in which they live a better place. This has ranged from fundraising, to raising awareness, to donating time, services or products, to collecting donations, to campaigning for causes, to lending a helping hand, to caring.  From volunteering with programs supporting local homeless populations to sponsoring supplies for children in developing countries, the list is endless.

In the wake of natural disasters like the Haitian earthquake and the Indian Ocean Tsunami, Altima Healthcare professionals have even travelled on their own time to provide those affected with much-needed care, clothing and crucial items like diapers and toothbrushes. Altima dentists have provided remote communities in Northern Canada with dental health education and toothbrushes. They have performed restorative dental work for people to help reintegrate them into the workforce and turn their lives around.  Altima doctors have provided healthcare to soldiers injured in war, and have raised money for injured veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan.  They have cooked meals and collected clothing for the less fortunate to keep them warm and fed.  Altima team members have climbed mountains, ran marathons, hung from the top of the CN Tower, biked hundreds of kilometers, and toiled tirelessly for causes they believe in.

Each commitment is a natural extension of Altima’s mission of ensuring that optimal patient health and satisfaction are of the highest priority for everyone in the organization.  From clinic to clinic, Altima Healthcare teams are aligned with the same goals: We love our Canadian communities.  We provide assistance to those most in need across the world.  We give back.  

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Gold Sponsor of University of Toronto Awards Gala supporting "Access to Care"

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50th Anniversary of Morrisburg Centre (Community Support)

Dr. Claudia Grail reaches the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro in a climb to support Amani children.

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