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We’re always hiring patient centred dental associates. If you are interested in joining the Altima family, please contact us.

Become an Associate

You are a career-focused dental professional who has applied countless hours on bettering the practice of dentistry.  You would love to spend more time and energy working on dental treatments, rather than toiling away at administrative tasks or operational hassles.  You are looking for a new style of dental career that allows you the flexibility of building a schedule, or practicing at more than one clinic, or networking and sharing information with other like-minded individuals to grow your skill set.  If you are interested in a dynamic dental career with a forward-thinking innovative industry leader, contact us at Altima Dental.

We will review your unique situation and discuss dentist opportunities with us.  Many of our current associates came to Altima looking for unique benefits and work-life balance, and have continued to practice dentistry with us for many years with great financial success.  We have multiple, customized options to make your goals a reality.

Being part of the Altima team, I’m able to enjoy being a dentist without the pressures of managing a business. This allows me more time to focus on my patients’ care while enjoying a flexible schedule of my choosing

Dr. Annette Silber, DDS

Benefits of Joining Our Team

Established Brand / Reputation

Altima Dental is one of the largest dental networks in Canada and has established a great reputation in the industry.

$0 Start Up Costs

Starting your own practice can be extremely expensive. Bypass the start-up costs by joining an established dental group.

No Overhead

Clinic overhead costs are covered by Altima.

Support Team of Clinical Experts

Get support and share ideas with a large team of dentists, hygienists, and specialists.

Support Team of Business Experts

Get business support from the experts at Altima who have been running dental clinics for decades.

Established Patient Base

Don’t worry about building an initial patient base; Altima clinics already have an established roster of patients.

Continuing Education

Altima supports our employees and invests in their future by offering continuing education options.

Stress / Hassle Free

Minimize stress in the dental centre by focusing on providing great dental care and not the tedious day-to-day hassles of running a dental clinic.

Career Movement

With locations all across Canada, there are always opportunities for career movement within the Altima Family.

Large Network of Like-Minded Colleagues

Get insight from colleagues who are also familiar with the intricacies and unique characteristics of the dental industry.


Get the opportunity to shadow other professionals to learn from their expertise and mentor more junior professionals to help them learn from all of your clinical experience.

Great Company Culture

We believe in the importance of strong team dynamics within a collaborative and positive company culture.

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