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The Importance of Toothpaste

As little as we think about it, toothpaste is a big part of our oral hygiene routine. And while everyone knows the importance of brushing twice a day, the importance of toothpaste is a little more unclear. Some people use a lot, some people just use water, and some people make their own teeth-cleaning solutions. Read More…

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Can Diet Affect Your Oral Health?

Your mouth is a complex organism. Everything that comes in contact with your teeth and gums can affect your oral health.  Your food and beverage choices, and the frequency at which you eat them, are important to preserving your overall health. A diet high in processed foods will have a negative affect on your oral Read More…

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Seven Warning Signs that you’re Getting a Tooth Infection

Tooth pain is never good a thing, but it may be more serious than you think. Tooth infections arise when the nerves within your tooth die due to progressing decay or injury. Without treatment, bacteria can infect the dead tooth and cause dental abscesses. This can lead to swelling and infections, which can occasionally be Read More…

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Three Tips to Prevent Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is scary. In the family of mouth cancers, oral cancer includes cancers of the tongue, lips, cheeks, throat, and hard or soft palate. If not detected or treated early enough it can result in death, mainly due to the fact that it often goes undiagnosed and is detected too late. Read on to Read More…

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Four Myths and Truths about Oral Health

Since the proliferation of web searching, the internet has been an invaluable tool for providing information on oral health. It has also, unfortunately, helped to spread large amounts of misinformation at the same time. Not all websites are reputable and some are full of information that is misleading or just plain wrong. At Altima Dental, Read More…

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Does Smoking have an Affect on Dental Implants?

Smoking is always risky business when it comes to your health. It can make replacing teeth with dental implants more complicated but not impossible. Smoking has several adverse effects on your overall oral health and will affect the chances of a successful dental implant. According to Colgate, if you’ve recently gotten a dental implant, it’s Read More…

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Seven Remedies for Sensitive Teeth

Do you suffer from tooth sensitivity? Many of the patients that visit our clinics express discomfort related to temperature sensitivity. Whether your teeth are sensitive to hot, cold, acids, sugars, brushing or flossing, you don’t have to suffer. Below we’ve compiled some causes of sensitive teeth along with ways to prevent and treat sensitive teeth. Read More…

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Nine Simple Tips to Prevent Tooth Decay

Fact:  Our mouths are full of bacteria. In fact, hundreds of different types of bacteria live on our teeth, gums, tongue and other places in our mouths. That is what causes tooth decay. The bacteria feeds on the sugars in the foods and drinks we consume, leaving behind a  sticky bio-film also known as plaque. Read More…

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Is Fluoride Necessary For Children?

Keeping your child’s teeth healthy means more than just daily brushing, it consists of developing a proper oral regime including, brushing, proper oral health techniques and regular visits to the dentist. At these visits, your dentist will talk about your child’s teeth, brushing and how much water they drink. Your child’s water intake is important Read More…

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