How Your Dental Health Can Be Affected By Osteoporosis

By valet on June 21st, 2019

Keeping your bones healthy has a great affect on the health of your mouth.  It seems odd, but when you think about the bones that construct the jaw and hold your teeth in place, it makes sense to care for your bones just like you care for your teeth. Bone diseases like osteoporosis have a Read More…

6 Common Oral Infections

By valet on June 7th, 2019

One of the most important parts of the body is your mouth. It has a variety of functions and allows you to like eat, breathe, sing, speak, and begins the digestion process. That’s why when you have a problem that affects your mouth, it’s important to see a dentist right away. Oral infections are not Read More…

Oral Health Tips for Kids

By valet on May 31st, 2019

Teaching children good oral habits can be a struggle, but good pediatric oral care is crucial to your children’s overall health. Healthy adult teeth begin with healthy kid’s teeth. Take good care of your child’s teeth. Although they eventually fall out, baby teeth play a crucial role in helping your child bite, chew, and speak Read More…

Best At-Home Remedies for Sensitive Teeth

By Jason Carrick on May 25th, 2019

Having sensitive teeth makes eating and drinking pretty painful. However, it is a common and treatable condition that 1-in-8 people experience. Tooth sensitivity happens when your tooth’s enamel is stripped away, leaving the layer of dentin and nerve roots exposed. The enamel protects the tooth, and with it gone, you may experience sharp pain or Read More…

Bad Breath: How It’s Caused & What You Can Do About It

By valet on May 17th, 2019

Having bad breath is embarrassing and can even cause anxiety. But halitosis affects 25% of people, whether it is lingering morning breath or chronic halitosis. It is no surprise that millions are spent annually on products to freshen our breath and keep our mouths clean. Oral hygiene is the leading cause of bad breath, but there Read More…

How Dry Mouth Can Cause Cavities

By Jason Carrick on May 10th, 2019

Dry mouth, called xerostomia, is the medical condition of not having enough saliva to keep your mouth wet. It can happen to anyone – especially when they are stressed or nervous. When untreated, it can make chewing, swallowing, and even talking difficult. Dry mouth increases the risk for tooth decay or infections, and is a Read More…

How to Prepare Children for their First Pediatric Dentist Appointment

By Altima Dental on May 3rd, 2019

The Canadian Dental Association recommends that children see a pediatric dentist within 6 months of their first tooth eruption or by their first birthday. This ensures they get their teeth checked before any problems can arise.  In most cases, a dentist visit every 6 months is recommended for preventative measures. There are numerous reasons for Read More…

Leading Causes of Oral Cancer

By Altima Dental on April 26th, 2019

Unlike other types of cancer, oral cancer includes cancer of the lips, tongue, cheek, throat, and sinuses.  It is life threatening if not caught early enough and treated properly.  Children and young adults have minimal risk for oral cancer, but the odds increase over the age of 45. Men are more likely to be diagnosed Read More…

What is Gingivitis: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

By valet on April 19th, 2019

Gingivitis is, in short, inflammation of the gums. It is common and, fortunately, a mild form of gum disease (periodontal disease) that causes your gums to be red and swollen around the base of your teeth. Gingivitis, if not treated, can turn into a serious disease called periodontitis. This disease causes infection that destroys the Read More…

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