What Causes Halitosis and How Can You Treat It?

When you’ve got bad breath, you might not realize it, as it’s difficult to actually smell your own breath. But when people start to drift away from you when speaking or breathing, it’s probably a good indication that you have halitosis (the medical term for bad breath), which is more normal than you may think.

Causes of Halitosis:

Most bad breath starts in your mouth and is usually caused by bacteria. There are many possible causes. They include:

Treatment of Halitosis:

The best way to improve bad breath is to follow a thorough oral care routine including twice-daily tooth brushing and daily flossing to remove the food particles and bacteria from your teeth, tongue and gums. Keep in mind that mouthwashes only improve bad breath for the short term, and if you have a chronic problem, your dentist may suggest an antimicrobial rinse to help keep bacteria at bay.

How to Prevent Halitosis:

It can be easy to keep your breath fresh! Practice good dental hygiene, and your mouth as well as the people around you will be thankful you did. If you have any questions, call any one of our locations to speak to one of our dental specialists.

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