Multiple Teeth Implants

If you are missing multiple teeth, they can be replaced by an implant-supported bridge. Many patients and clinicians prefer dental implants over a conventional bridge or removeable partial denture because they provide optimal comfort and chewing function for the long term.

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What are the advantages of an implant-supported bridge?

  • Look and feel like your natural teeth
  • Optimal comfort and chewing function
  • Helps keep bone intact

Dental implants are a long-term tooth replacement solution that look, feel and act like your natural teeth. They can replace multiple teeth without support from other teeth. A bridge would otherwise need to be cemented to neighboring teeth, which requires the removal of tooth structure.

An implant-supported bridge will replace both your missing teeth and some of the roots. This provides excellent stability for chewing and helps keep your bone and face structure intact. Gums and bone will recede around a conventional bridge or removable partial denture over time. This can leave a visible defect in your smile and cause the face to appear sunken.

By choosing dental implants, you won’t need to worry about securing your denture to the gums or having it come loose when you eat or talk. You will be able to clean them like your natural teeth, and you can return to eating all foods – even apples and corn on the cob!

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We believe that high-quality dental care should be accessible for everyone. That’s why most of our locations direct bill major insurance plans and offer financing through paybright and we are priced competitively for those who wish to pay out of pocket. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Am I a candidate for dental implants?

Dental implants are an excellent option, no matter your age. If you are healthy enough to get a tooth extracted, you can have an implant placed. In fact, dentists will sometimes place implants immediately after extraction.

Some health conditions and medications, including tobacco use, can lower implant success rate. Your dentist will assess your suitability for dental implants at your consultation and take X-rays or a CBCT scan to make sure you have adequate bone levels. In cases of decreased bone height or bone thickness they may recommend bone grafting.

If you’re considering replacing missing teeth or a partial denture with dental implants, request a free virtual consultation by completing the Virtual Smile Evaluation below.

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Altima Dental is proud to offer our patients a 0% interest payment plan so our patients can get the treatment they need, when they need it. Visit this page for more info on our 0% Payment Plan.

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