Sports Injuries and Your Oral Health – Are You Protected?

With the return of warm summer weather, many of us are eager to get back to our favourite sports and outdoor recreation activities. Before you or your child hits the field, reduce your risk of head and dental injury by wearing proper protective equipment – including a mouth guard.

June is brain injury awareness month in Canada. According to Brain Injury Canada, over 1.5 million Canadians are living with the effects of an acquired traumatic brain injury. Even mild brain injuries can have serious long-term consequences, especially when there are repeat impacts. Concussions in elite athletes, most notably hockey player Sidney Crosby, have increased awareness of this hidden disability.

A 2020 Canadian government review on traumatic brain injury shows that sports and recreation activities are the leading cause of head injury in children and youth ages 5 to 19. Activities that frequently lead to concussions requiring emergency treatment in hospital include ice hockey, football, rugby, soccer, equestrian incidents, and cycling.

An important part of sports injury prevention is wearing appropriate protective equipment, such as helmets and mouth guards. Your dentist can make you a mouth guard for sports that is specially designed to absorb impact and prevent trauma to your teeth and mouth.

Wear Your Mouth Guard

Dentists recommend wearing a mouth guard when playing ball or contact sports. Custom mouth guards provide the best protection and comfort. They can help prevent injuries such as lost, damaged, or fractured teeth, as well as soft tissue injuries.

If you or your child needs a mouth guard for sports, contact your local Altima Dental clinic today.

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